The Anniversary You Should Never Forget (It’s Not Your Wedding)

Have you ever forgotten (or had a spouse forget) your wedding anniversary? It can be costly to recover from this memory lapse. The same can be true if you forget about a software annual renewal date. Remember last year when you were so happy to start using that new software subscription? You opted for the annual subscription because of the discount.

Yesterday you received the renewal notice, they charged your credit card and the honeymoon was over. Often we fall out of love with that bright shiny application sometime during the year. We stop paying attention to it, but take no action to stop paying for it.

Vendors rarely give advance notice of annual renewals. Especially if the account is set to auto-renew. If the bloom is off the rose, here are some tips to help you stop paying for your mistake.

Log into your applications, visit the settings area and check your renewal date. Add a reminder to your calendar one week in advance of your renewal anniversary. do this for each of your software subscriptions.

While you are at it, review each subscription. Are you using it? Is it creating value for your organization? If not, cancel it. Don’t look back.

Happy Anniversaries!

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