No More Email Sign-in Sheets

You see them at every event check-in table.  A clipboard with an email address contact list. Not only a timewaster for attendees, someone has to take it back to the office and decipher the scribbles. What if you could eliminate all the hassle, all the data input while creating accurate contact records that lead to valuable connections?

You don’t need new software, or special hardware. All you have to do is change the process. It is so simple.

Paperless Event Sign-in

Redefine the sign-in process.

  • At check-in, ask attendees if they would like to get the early-bird discount rate for your next event.
  • Give them a printed card or direct them to a poster containing the link to your “Sign up for our event announcements” web form.
  • Tag them in your announce list database as those who get the special rate.
  • Include this contact segment in your early-bird discount broadcast.

By providing your new contacts both a method and an incentive for self-registration, you’ve eliminated the staff time needed to input scribbled addresses. The incentive will be sent to the address entered, ensuring accurate data entry.

The incentive doesn’t need to be more than your typical discount.  Everybody wins.

Meet the Author

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